A First Survey

Welcome to the First Survey. This first set of questions is aimed at establishing some very general definitions and identifying general concerns and opinions regarding the modern anarchist milieus. Answer at whatever length seems appropriate. The survey will allow you to skip questions. Formatting options are limited and paragraphs may be combined, so feel free to us use markdown syntax for enhanced text and please mark paragraph breaks.

1. How would you most succinctly define anarchism? Is there a shared “anarchist project” — and, if so, how would you characterize it?
2. What is the relationship between anarchism and the concept of anarchy?
3. What is the value of tradition within the anarchist milieus and what might be its uses?
4. What, specifically, is the role to be played in the present by the anarchist literature — whether theoretical or artistic — of the past?
5. What are the most significant challenges facing anarchists — and anarchism, as you understand it — in the present?
6. How would you characterize the present state of anarchist activity (outside the realm of theory and propaganda)?
7. How would you characterize the present state of anarchist theory and propaganda?
8. What are the most urgent changes to be made in anarchist practice moving forward?
9. What is the role of some kind of “anarchist unity” moving forward? What form could or should that unity take?
10. What are the greatest needs with regard to new anarchist theory, propaganda, literature and art?
11. Do you currently identify with any particular anarchist current or tendency — and, if so, how do you characterize your position?
12. What additional questions would it be useful to pose to a broad anarchist audience?
13. Your name, as you would like it to appear on the website:
14. Would you be interested in participating in future surveys, perhaps addressing more specific elements of anarchist theory, practice and culture?
15. Your email address: